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Anaerobe Reference Laboratory

Anaerobic cabinet

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Anaerobic cabinet

The Anaerobic section is the National Reference Centre for New Zealand and receives anaerobes from hospital and community laboratories throughout New Zealand.

Anaerobe isolates are identified using a combination of phenotypic tests, commerical systems and 16S rRNA sequence analysis.

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Microbiology department

Contact information

Salvin Singh (Acting Technical Specialist)

For further information, contact the Microbiology Department via Lablink or the Clinical Microbiologist:

Lablink contact details

Dr Sally Roberts , Microbiologist: ext 22705 Cellphone 021 674 140
Dr Sharmini Muttaiyah
, Microbiologist: ext 22700 Cellphone 021 156 9883
Dr Mary de Almeida , Microbiologist: ext 22700 Cellphone 021 170 9117
Dr Gary McAuliffe,
Microbiologist : contact via Lablink

Anaerobic Reference Laboratory Isolate Referral Form

Click to download the Anaerobic Reference Laboratory Referral Form .

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