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Microbiology Department
Short Description : Microbiology

Microbiology includes the following services:

You can find more information about Microbiology on the LabPLUS website


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Full service:0800 - 1700 Monday to Friday.

Restricted service: at all other times, including Public Holidays.


The Clinical Microbiologists or a Registrar are always available by telephone or locator.

Restricted Service:

Provided by reduced level of staff.

Specimens processed automatically:

  • Blood Culture
  • CSF
  • Aspirated fluids (incl. dialysis fluids)
  • Urines from ED, APU, NICU, WAU, CED and, PICU.

    Any other specimen which has been discussed and approved by the on-call Microbiologist.

    Other specimens sent which are not covered by the above may be processed if time permits. They will otherwise be refrigerated until the next morning, processed if applicable, or the ward notified and the specimen discarded.


    Any telephone communication or personal contact from the clinical staff about requests or results is welcomed.

    Microbiology Specimens and their Transport:


    Guidelines for Collection

    For notes on collection of specimens - refer to individual test listing

  • Avoid contamination with commensal flora.
  • If possible collect specimens prior to starting antibiotic therapy.
  • Label all specimens carefully.

    Request Forms

    Processing and reporting depend entirely on information supplied.

    Use a Microbiology request form and give:

  • Full relevant clinical particulars.
  • Full patient identification.
  • Exact identity of specimen and site of collect.
  • Any current, recent or proposed antibiotic therapy.
  • Date and time of collection.

    For medico-legal reasons, incorrectly labelled or unidentifiable specimens cannot be processed.

    Specimen Transport

    To ensure that special and urgent specimens reach the Microbiology laboratory quickly, where you do not have access to the vacuum tube system, either transport the specimen yourself, or ask a nurse to take it to the laboratory for you.
    In general non-urgent specimens, collected out of normal hours can be safely refrigerated until next day.

  • Contact information

    Key contacts

    Clinical Head - Dr. Sally Roberts

    Technical Head - Mary Bilkey

    For further information, contact the Microbiology Department via Lablink or the Clinical Microbiologist:

    Lablink contact details

    Dr Sally Roberts , Microbiologist: ext 22705 Cellphone 021 674 140
    Dr Sharmini Muttaiyah
    , Microbiologist: ext 22700 Cellphone 021 156 9883
    Dr Mary de Almeida , Microbiologist: ext 22700 Cellphone 021 170 9117
    Dr Gary McAuliffe,
    Microbiologist : contact via Lablink

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