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Respiratory Viral Serology

Test performed by: LabPLUS VIM Infectious Disease Serology

Specimen Collection

This assay tests for complement fixing antibodies to :

Paired sera should be obtained wherever possible:

(a) acute sample - as early as possible in the illness, and
(b) convalescent sample 2 - 3 weeks after onset.


3.5 mL SST Serum (Preferred)


4 mL Plain Serum


500 uL Microsample Serum
Turnaround Time:

The viral agents are tested in batches of 15 patients by CFT. Turnaround times will be affected by seasonal incidence.

Diagnostic Use and Interpretation

Single titres >160 are considered presumptive evidence of recent infection. A four-fold rise in titre between acute and convalescent sera usually taken two weeks apart, is considered diagnostic for the infectious agent in question. Absence of CF response in acute sera is not atypical and care should be taken to avoid misinterpretation of results.


1. Product inserts accompanying Virion antigens, control antigens, control sera, Amboceptor and complement, VBS and 1% SRBCs.

2. Diagnostic Methods in Clinical Virology. 3rd Edition. Grist et al. Blackwell Scientific Publications p95-106 (1979).

Contact Information

For further information contact the laboratory (contact via Lablink: 22000 or (09) 307-8995 or 0800 522 7587) ,or:
the Virology team virology@adhb.govt.nz

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