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Special Tests - Molecular Haematology
Short Description : Acquired-mutation analysis

Test performed by: LabPLUS - Dept. Diagnostic Genetics - Molecular Haematology

Mutation analysis for the following acquired mutations/diseases can be performed by the Molecular Haematology lab at LabPlus.

Please consult the Scientific Officer (contact details below) about the testing you require before forwarding specimens.  

Special Tests:

  1. c-MPL mutation analysis
  2. Hairy-cell leukaemia mutation analysis - BRAF
  3. Waldenstrom macroglobulinemia mutation analysis - MYD88
  4. KIAA1509-PDGFRbeta RT-PCR mutation analysis
  5. Calreticulin - CALR

For more information about the Molecular Haematology service at LabPLUS:

Molecular Haematology information page

Specimen Collection
CPD9 mL CPD Bone Marrow (Preferred)
EDTA9 mL EDTA Bone Marrow
CPD9 mL CPD Blood
Turnaround Time: Between 1 week and 4 weeks
Contact Information

To contact the Molecular Haematology team please call:

Auckland City Hospital   (09) 307 4949
Lablink   ext 22000
Prof. Peter Browett (Haematologist)     ext 9090-86281
Dr. Imogen Caldwell (Haematologist)   ext 22006
Nikhil Ghallayan (Section Leader)   ext 22005
Molecular Haematology Office   ext 22005

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