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Plasma aminoacids

Test performed by: LabPLUS Biochemical Genetics

Specimen Collection

1 mL blood in a heparin tube preferred. Preferably send on ice to the laboratory immediately as some amino acids are labile.
A brief clinical history is essential.
If free homocystine or cystine is required sample MUST go on ice immediately to lab.
For routine analysis a sample sent immediately at room temperature to the laboratory is acceptable. Samples need to be spun, separated and frozen within an hour of collection.

PST4.5 mL PST Blood (Preferred)
SST3.5 mL SST Blood
Microsample1 mL Microsample Blood
Micro-heparin1 mL Paediatric Micro-heparin Blood
Reference Intervals

The reference interval will be provided with the result.

Uncertainty of measurement:  7 - 11%

Turnaround Time: Between 5 hours and 1 week, 3 days

Test is available urgently if required contact laboratory on x22016 or via LabLink

Diagnostic Use and Interpretation

These analyses are designed primarily for the investigation and monitoring of inherited disorders of amino acid metabolism. For investigating a person with possible metabolic disease urine amino acids are a more appropriate test. If metabolic disease is highly likely or you need quantifiable results then plasma levels are appropriate. Plasma amino acids are required with fasting studies, to review protein nutritional status and to monitor known metabolic disease.

Contact Information

For further information contact laboratory: ext 22016 or via Lablink
or, contact the Metabolic Physician-on-call: 09 367 0000

Specimen Transport Instructions for Referring Laboratories

Specimen must arrive on ice for free homocystine or cystine requests.

Other requests preferably on ice, separate 0.2ml plasma and freeze specimen immediately. Accept ambient samples up to 4 hours post collection but please note on form.

Send frozen to LabPlus (-70  o C if possible).

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