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Myelin Associated Glycoprotein antibodies
Short Description : MAG antibodies
Also known as : [Myelin Associated Glycoprotein]

Test performed by: LabPLUS Support Services transport this to a 3rd party for testing

This test may be vetted by a pathologist.

The clinical information for the test must be clearly written on the request form. If clinical information is not provided, or does not provide sufficient justification for the test, the test may be declined.

Declined tests :

If a test is declined, the specimen will be held for a reasonable period (usually 3 weeks but dependant on the viability of the sample). Medical practitioners seeking approval for a declined test should email the LabPLUS Immunology Team , giving the patient's name and NHI number and the clinical justification for the test. If unable to email, call the on-call Immunologist via Lablink (09-3078995).

Test vetting policy

Myelin Associated Antibodies (MAG) may be requested individually or if the full screen is required then request Ganglioside antibodies which includes:

GM1 antibodies      IgG & IgM

GQ1B antibodies      IgG only

Myelin Associated Antibodies (MAG)

Please note: GD1 antibody testing is unavailable.

Ganglioside antibodies

GM1 antibodies

GQ1B antibodies

Specimen Collection
SST3.5 mL SST Serum (Preferred)
Plain4 mL Plain Serum
3xMicro-SSTPaediatric 3xMicro-SST Serum

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