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JC virus antibodies
Short Description : JC virus antibodies also known as Stratify JCV

Test performed by: LabPLUS Support Services transport this to a 3rd party for testing

  • Antibody testing for MS patients is available from Unilabs Denmark, the patient MUST be enrolled appropriately before sending any samples. https://stratifyjcv.unilabsweb.com/

    Sending clinicians must log on to the Unilabs website to register the specimen. Unilabs will provide the unique barcode and their request form . This must be completed before sending to LabPLUS

    Samples must be accompanied with the Unilabs request form, unique barcode and LabPLUS request form.

  • Samples are sent to Canterbury Health Laboratory and then forwarded to Unilabs in Denmark.


    This test may be vetted by a pathologist

    - MS service request will be sent to CHL without pathologist approval.

    - Non-MS service requests need pathologist review in VIM.

    Specimen Collection

    Collect 2 SST tubes or 1 Plain (red top) tube.


    Plain4 mL Plain Blood
    SST3.5 mL SST Blood
    Contact Information

    Peter Armitage

    New Zealand Business Manager

    Biogen Idec NZ Limited

    +64 (0)21939334


    Ros McCarthy

    Base-line testing for presence of JC virus prior to commencing Natalizumab therapy.


    JC virus carrier status is best determined by antibody testing. Detection of    JC virus DNA in peripheral blood lymphocytes is also offered but sensitivity for confirmation of carrier status is low and a negative result should not be interpreted as implying the patient is JC virus naive.



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    JC virus PCR

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