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Test performed by: LabPLUS High Performance Liquid Chromatography

Specimen Collection

Tubes containing gel (SST and PST) are NOT acceptable

Plain4 mL Plain Blood (Preferred)
Heparin4 mL Heparin Blood
Reference Intervals

Target level for therapeutic response (trough): >1000 ug/ L.

Toxic level has not been determined; suggest monitor carefully for toxicity if trough level >2000 ug/L


Uncertainty of measurement: 14%

Turnaround Time: Within 1 week

Performed Weekly.

Assay Method

Principle : High performance liquid chromatography

Diagnostic Use and Interpretation

Monitoring patients on Imatinib.

Contact Information

Emails to chemicalpathologist@adhb.govt.nz will receive priority attention from the on-call chemical pathologist.

If the query concerns a specific patient please include the NHI number in your email.

If email is not a suitable option, please contact the on-call chemical pathologist via Lablink (Auckland City Hospital ext. 22000 or 09-3078995).

Individual chemical pathologists may be contacted but will not be available at all times. 

After-hours : contact  Lablink (Auckland City Hospital ext. 22000 or 09-3078995) or hospital operator for on duty staff after hours.

Dr Samarina Musaad (Clinical Lead) : SamarinaM@adhb.govt.nz ext. 22402 

Dr Cam Kyle: CampbellK@adhb.govt.nz   ext 22052 

Dr Weldon Chiu: WeldonC@adhb.govt.nz   ext. 23427 

Dr Campbell Heron: CHeron@adhb.govt.nz   ext. 23427

Specimen Transport Instructions for Referring Laboratories

Aliquot : 1 mL serum/plasma (0.5 mL minimum)

Centrifuge and separate blood as soon as possible after collection.

If sending within Auckland then sample can be sent refrigerated (2-8 degrees) or at ambient temperature (8-24 degrees).

If sending from outside Auckland then send sample refrigerated (2-8 degrees).


Note: If temperature during shipping is likely to exceed 24 degrees then results may not always be reliable.

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