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IL28B rs12979860 C>T SNP Analysis
Short Description : IL-28B Testing
Also known as : [IL-28B Genotyping]

Test performed by: LabPLUS - Dept. Diagnostic Genetics - Molecular Haematology

For more inforamtion about the Molecular Haematology service at LabPLUS:

Molecular Haematology information page

Specimen Collection

Note: Whole blood samples are required for this test. Please DO NOT send plasma or serum samples for testing.

Note: All samples should be forwarded to LabPlus at room temperature within 24hours.

CPD3 mL CPD Blood (Preferred)
Turnaround Time: Within 2 weeks, 4 days
Diagnostic Use and Interpretation

In patients infected with hepatitis C virus Genotype 1, studies have shown an association of a single nucleotide polymorphism (rs12979860) near the IL28B gene and response to current hepatitis C therapy (pegylated interferon plus ribavirin) [Ge et al. Nature (2009) 461;399-401]. There are two different alleles at this locus - the "C" and the "T" allele. The CC genotype is associated with a higher rate of sustained response to this treatment (i.e. cure) than the CT or TT genotypes.

Contact Information

To contact the Molecular Haematology team please call:

Auckland City Hospital   (09) 307 4949
Lablink   ext 22000
Dr Ed Gane  (Hepatologist)     ext 22922
Neil Van de Water (Scientific Officer)    ext 22006
Molecular Haematology Lab   ext 22005

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