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Chromosome Analysis -Solid Tumours
Short Description : Solid Tumour
Also known as : [Solid Tumour Cancer Cytogenetics]

Chromosome Analysis
Test performed by: LabPLUS - Dept. Diagnostic Genetics - Cytogenetics

Specimen Collection

All samples for Cytogenetics must be collected using sterile technique.
Same day delivery (at room temperature).

Conventional cytogenetics is performed on a range of solid tumour tissue samples. These include biopsy material from a tumor lesion (incision/punch/core biopsy), fine needle aspirate, pleural and/or ascitic fluid.

Specific requirements:  

Tissue Biopsies: at least 0.5 cubic centimeters, of viable (non-necrotic) tumour tissue is sufficient for most cases.

Fine Needle Aspirate (FNA): of good cellularity for lymphoma. 


Core Biopsy: minimum of 1cm core biopsy

Please note: samples of smaller then the minimum required size could compromise the obtained results.

The material needs to be aseptically taken and immediately placed into the transport media provided (available on request from the laboratory, ext 6409/6406 or via Lablink: 5995 or (09) 307-8995 or 0800 522 758.). Specimens cannot be used for chromosome analysis if they have been immersed in formalin.

Please send to the laboratory as promptly as possible and maintain the specimen at room temperature at all times.

All relevant clinical information should be clearly written on the accompanying request form.

The culture time for tumour samples varies for different types of tumour. Typically, lymph node samples and aggressive paediatric tumours will be cultured in 2-3 days, while some of the slow growing sarcomas might require up to 10 days of culture time.

Test performed by: LabPLUS - Dept. Diagnostic Genetics - Cytogenetics

Specimen collection for urgent (STAT) Analysis:

For urgent diagnostic cases direct processing of the tumour sample is available followed by rapid, targeted FISH analysis. A representative tumour sample with good cellularity, or viable (unfixed) tumour material in the form of cytospin slides and smears is also useful for rapid FISH testing.

Please notify the laboratory at least 1-2 hours in advance for all urgent samples and specific requests providing a contact phone number for delivering results. This timely approach will allow clinicians to make the best treatment decision.


FISH analysis could also be carried out on fomalin-fixed paraffin embedded section (FFPET FISH) representative of the particular tumours. Clinical details provided on the referral form (and possible differential diagnosis) is valuable information for appropriate testing. 

For more information about FFPET slide requirements see...

Molecular Cytogenetics(FISH)

The Department of Diagnostic Genetics hold an extensive collection of commercial probes available for ONCOLOGY FISH analysis.

Link to: FISH probe List.

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