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BK Virus

Test performed by: LabPLUS VIM Molecular Diagnostics

Do not use heparin tubes

Urine can be tested for BK virus, clinical details MUST be provided.

A dedicated specimen (i.e. no other tests to be performed) is required for this assay.

Specimen Collection
PPT5 mL PPT Plasma (Preferred)
EDTA4 mL EDTA Plasma
Micro-EDTA500 uL Paediatric Micro-EDTA Plasma

500 uL of whole blood is the absolute minimum volume required

Turnaround Time: 1 week
Assay Method


Lowest limit of detection: 10,000 copies/mL or 4 Log

Contact Information

For further information contact the laboratory  (contact via Lablink: 22000 or (09) 307-8995 or 0800 522 7587) ,or:
the Virology team virology@adhb.govt.nz


Specimen Transport Instructions for Referring Laboratories

EDTA separated and plasma transported chilled


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