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Anti IgA antibodies
Short Description : AIGA

Test performed by: LabPLUS VIM Proteins

Specimen Collection
SST3.5 mL SST Serum (Preferred)
Plain4 mL Plain Serum
Microsample500 uL Microsample Serum
Reference Intervals
Units: N/A
Age RangeEither Sex
All< 0

Turnaround Time: Between 1 week and 2 weeks
Assay Method

In-house inhibitory ELISA method

Diagnostic Use and Interpretation

Anti IgA antibodies are usually found only in people with undetectable IgA levels and can cause transfusion reactions.

There have been occasional reports that antibodies to IgA subclasses have cause reactions in the presence of detectable IgA.


John Scott , Technical Head, Department of Virology/Immunology, A+ Labs, Auckland Hospital. or Associate Professor Rohan Ameratunga ext 22106.


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