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Anatomical Pathology

Anatomical Pathology is an IANZ Accredited laboratory comprised of several disciplines, all of which interconnect and communicate with each other to provide a quality of service that is unequalled in New Zealand. Our department is a major referral laboratory, and as such not only do we service four of the major hospitals within in New Zealand (Auckland City Hospital, Starship Children's Health, Greenlane Clinical Centre and National Women's Health), but we also receive referral work from other hospitals around the country and from the Pacific Islands. This means the laboratory deals with a very broad range of specimens and to service this diversity we have Consultant Pathologists and Technical staff whose experience and specialist knowledge is second to none.

The laboratory undergoes regular and rigorous audits both internally and externally such as that offered by the RCPA, and our medical and technical staff attend and present papers at conferences not only within New Zealand but around the world. We also assist in research projects on a local and global scale. All of this ensures that our methods, training, expertise and knowledge conforms to the highest standards expected not only by our peers and the community at large but also the standards we expect of ourselves.

We enjoy a close association with the University of Auckland Medical School, where several of our Consultant Pathologists provide their services for lecturing and training medical students in Anatomical Pathology. We also liase with Otago University and the Auckland University of Technology where we encourage, train and support students into the technical side of our field of expertise.
The cytology department provides a quality service processing both gynaecological and non-gynaecological specimens, which are prepared, stained and microscopically examined by our experienced and well-qualified staff of lab assistants, technicians, technologists and pathologists. For further details on the services offered, please click the link below.
Electron Microscopy
The EM laboratory processes tissue for ultrastructural examination by Transmission Electron Microscopy, and is based at the Biomedical Imaging Research Unit at the School of Medicine of the University of Auckland. We routinely perform TEM on tissues such as native renal and muscle biopsies as well as tumour material. For further details on the services offered, please click the link below.
Apart from routine H&E and a large variety of Special Stains, we are also able to offer the more specialised techniques of Direct Immunofluorescence, Immunohistochemistry (more than 130 diagnostic antibodies are available), Muscle Histochemistry, A 24 hour on-call service is available (Mainly used by liver and renal transplant teams). For further details on the services offered, please click the link below.


Electron Microscopy


Contact Information

Laboratory Hours are Monday to Friday between the hours of 0800 and 1700. During this time Histology offers a full service. For ENQUIRIES and RESULTS Phone Lablink: 22000 or (09) 307-8995 or 0800 522 758.

During normal working hours: Please see links below
Outside of normal working hours:
Histopathologist on call - contact switchboard
Scientist on call: Ph 021 522 298
For urgent liver and renal biopsies, please contact the on-call liver or renal pathologist. Do not call the histotechnologist unless you have contacted the pathologist first.
For paediatric and perinatal specimens, please contact the department.

PLEASE NOTE: Technical and clerical staff are NOT authroised to give out results which have not been signed out by medical staff.

Cytology Laboratory

Electron Microscopy Laboratory

Histology Laboratory


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