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Molecular Genetics
Short Description : Molecular Genetics Information Page
Also known as : [Diagnostic Genetics - Molecular Genetics],[Mol Gen Lab],[Molgen]

Molecular Genetics Laboratory

The Molecular Genetics division of Diagnostic Genetics, based in LabPlus, Auckland City Hospital, was established in 1994. The laboratory performs in excess of 1500 tests per annum.

Techniques currently employed by the Molecular Genetics Laboratory include:

Diagnostic Genetics Information Page

Contact Molecular Genetics via:

Lablink ext 22000

Mark Greenslade (Technical Head) ext 22010

Tarn Donald (Section leader) ext 22014

Email: DGen@adhb.govt.nz

Download: - Diagnostic Genetics Brochure.pdf

Sendaway Tests

Please refer to our Diagnostic Genetics Sendaway Service Information Page

Diagnostic Genetics Sendaway Service

SPECIMEN: Minimum of 4.0 mL blood. EDTA tube. For paediatric samples a minimum of 0.5 mL blood EDTA can be processed. For other samples, please contact the laboratory.


DNA Banking Facility

The Molecular Genetics Laboratory can extract DNA and cryopreserve it until further required.


For other genetic tests please see:

Cytogenetics Information Page

Molecular Haematology Information Page

Download: Download - Laboratory Request Form Diagnostic Genetics.pdf

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