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Virology and Immunology Department

Clinical Team

Clinical Leader/Virology Dr Kitty Croxson

Immunology/Allergy Dr Rohan Ameratunga

Immunology/Autoimmunity Dr Richard Steele

Immunochemistry/Proteins Dr Cam Kyle

Technical/Scientific Team

Technical Head John Scott

Quality Officer Heather Deehan


Full services 08.00 to 17.00 weekdays

On call service for limited tests outside these hours.

Out of hours (17.00-08.00 weekdays,weekends and public holidays) tests must now be requested by the Consultant of the requesting team who must personally ring the appropriate Virology/Immunology pathologist.

Requests from staff other than the clinical consultant will not be accepted.

For Virology tests , contact Dr Kitty Croxson 021 758 172; Home 478 5013

For Immunology tests (including vasculitis tests), contact Associate Professor Rohan Ameratunga 021 792 079; Dr Richard Steele or the LabPLUS Immunology Team .


1. Public Health Practitioners and General Practioners must likewise contact the appropriate Virology/Immunology pathologist.

Since it may take many hours for even urgent requests to reach LabPLUS from Community laboratories, non-hospital practioners cannot assume a test taken early in the day will reach LabPLUS within normal working hours. We suggest non-hospital practioners should contact the appropriste Virology/Immunology pathologist for any test considered urgent.

2. Weekends and public holidays, 08.00 to 17.00, the on-call laboratory scientist should be contacted directly as before.

On-call phone number 021 946 179.

Available on call tests;

VZV Immune Status

Vasculitis testing - ANCA, MPO, PR3

Hepatitis and HIV serology is available any time through the Biochemistry Rapid Response team.

For clinical enquiries please contact the clinical team.

Technical Enquiries please contact the scientists in the appropriate section.

Phone enquiries are most easily made through Lablink.


Serology Section

Anti - Viral, Parasitic, Bacterial and Autoantibody assays

Section Leader Paul Austin

Technical Specialist Helena Thompson

Molecular Diagnostics Section

Viral and some Bacterial DNA/RNA testing including Viral Loads and Drug Resistance

Section Leader Fahimeh Rahnama

Technical Specialist Dhanya Jayaraj

Molecular Diagnostic Assays

Immunochemistry Section

Specific Protein and Allergy testing.

Section Leader Shaleen Shah

Allergy Technical Specialist Roy The

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