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Diagnostic Genetics Sendaway Service Information Page
Also known as : [DNAT],[Molgen Sendaways]

Diagnostic Genetics Sendaway Service

For genomic tests which are not performed at LabPLUS, DNA can be extracted and sent to overseas laboratories for testing.

Please note that most sendaway tests require a referral from a specialist clinical service.      

To organise URGENT sendaway testing, please contact the lab at the earliest possible convenience.

Clinicians should perform the following three steps to ensure samples are processed effectively:

1.      Search for the test on the Diagnostic Genetics Sendaway List which is available below.

Download: Click here - SDNA spreadsheet 2018.pdf

Contact Molecular Genetics via:

Lablink                                                     ext 22000

Mark Greenslade (Technical Head)   ext 22010

Tarn Donald (Section leader)              ext 22014

Email: DGen@adhb.govt.nz



2.      Fully complete a LabPLUS Genetic Sendaway Test Request Form

Download: FORM - Diagnostic Genetics Sendaway Form-2018.docx



3.      External laboratory request forms may be required (this is indicated on the Sendaway List).

Clinicians need only complete any extra pieces of information that the requesting laboratory requires. Duplication of clinical information is not required; however the combination of both forms must be adequate for the receiving laboratory.


Oncology and hereditary cancer test requests must be referred through a Clinical Genetics Service, as well as any sendaway tests for Marfan syndrome ( FBN1 ). It is helpful for clinicians to detail appropriate justification for requests not listed on the current sendaway list (e.g. a different laboratory or an alternative testing method or panel).


Specimen collection information

Click here


Laboratory Notes Only:

Registration code : DNAT

If you have any Genetic test enquires please contact Diagnostic Genetics on 22008 or 22014


Room Temperature - PLEASE SEND PRIMARY UNOPENED SAMPLE - DO NOT SPIN - These samples must have a separate number to all other requests - Place specimens in white container labelled Diagnostic Genetics on shelf next to dumbwaiter.

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